3D Scanning & Modeling

Precise modeling produces efficiency.      

Northwestern Surveying and Engineering is bringing the newest technology in multiple application high definition laser scanning to our region. Whether you are new to survey and location data recording techniques, or you have been doing this for years, we are positive that our new system will impress you. Take a look at what we can do with the fly thru videos below.        

Paul Bunyan Mall - Bemidji MN ~ Snelling Ave. - St Paul MN (coming soon)       

3-D computer modeling in Bemidji

The future of 3D modeling has arrived.

Using Terrestrial Lidar, we can produce a model of your project that is precise to the millimeter. Imagine, being able to pre-fabricate custom fixtures for your building without even having to visit the site or being able to precisely measure between any feature on your project. Now, imagine you’re able to save 20 percent or more on your budget and cut your schedule for shop drawing production by up to 60 percent! Using the latest in 3D laser scanning technology we can fulfill all of these promises and give you all of the data you need to complete your project with no return visits to the project.

Reduce costs and increase quality.

“Private sector industries such as aerospace, automobile, and petroleum have been using 3D imaging for several years. The benefits of determining the spatial environment and as-built conditions have played a key role in reducing costs and delivering a higher quality engineering effort. 3D imaging has also become more prevalent in the architectural/engineering/construction (AEC) industry in pursuit of similar results. Federal institutions using 3D imaging technologies include the Department of Defense, U.S. and State Departments of Transportations, U.S. General Services Administration, U.S. Geological Society, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”-GSA BIM Guide Series 3, GSA BIM Guide for 3D Imaging

Exact measurements are imperative.

Industry standards are shifting from simply measured architectural and civil drawings to a requirement for precise spatial measurements. We have the technology to produce drawings which can meet these new standards. 3D laser scanning is the answer if you are looking for a solution to your Civil, Architectural, or Pipeline planning and construction needs.

Fast results and precision.

Outer Mold Lines (OML's) is why we were contracted to scan the exterior contour's of this plane for design reasons.  This aircraft was designed and built Northwestern Surveying and Engineering was contracted to assure by scanning that it has been built to design specs.  Having real world customers that are demanding higher quality and lower price for these applications Northwestern Surveying and Engineering has continually searched for the best tools and methods for performing these projects.