Environmental Inspection

Taking the initiative.

Recognizing the need for environmental inspectors on some of our larger projects, we developed our own Environmental Inspection and Management department.

Knowledge of environmental policies.

We have BSU Environmental Science graduates on staff and have years of experience on environmentally sensitive projects, including environmental protection planning. We have the ability to develop small or large Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans and ensure they are being followed by your subcontractors. Allowing us to inspect your subcontractors for compliance takes the risk out of your operation and ensures that all environmental policies are being implemented and followed. We also have experience dealing with local municipalities in ordinance and special use permitting. This is a time consuming process which usually requires the use of special counsel to produce favorable results. We have the know-how to put together air-tight proposals for obtaining permitting on your environmentally sensitive projects.

Environmental inspection in Bemidji

For fronting environmental impacts.

Enbridge recently asked us to assist in obtaining permission from a Minnesota County to build inside of a standard setback for a Natural Environment Lake. Our Environmental team put together a package of information and illustrations showing the outcome of the project and the measures our client would take to ensure that there were no negative impacts resulting from the planned project. Without this crucial step in the planning process, this project would have been DOA, which would have resulted in further land purchasing and larger costs for the operation.