Project Management

Hands-on experience in managing complex projects.

Our owners have been involved with Project Management on very large scales. This includes coordinating simultaneous efforts among hundreds of contractors, and the maintenance and use of heavy equipment, all while tracking and meeting important timelines used in phased construction.

Project Management in Bemidji

Stay on track with your timeline.

Ensuring that your project starts and ends on schedule is half the battle when it comes to all projects. Developing budgets, schedules, hiring timelines, and everything else that goes along with a project is easier when you have experience on your side. Let NWSE manage your next project and you’ll see how allowing us to manage locally saves you time and money.

NWSE can help you complete your project with ease.

A large pipeline construction contractor asked us to manage the permitting, site purchasing, site construction, and dismantling of the largest pipe yard ever constructed in the Bemidji area. By using NWSE as a Project Manager they eliminated the costs associated with relocating a company employee, exploited our knowledge of local construction companies and suppliers, expedited their construction timeline and their ability to relocate. Our company took care of all matters relating to the project from the first yard of dirt moved to the last blade of grass re-planted.