Done Quickly. Done Right.      

Northwestern Surveying has been providing land surveying services to Minnesota for over 15 years. We have over 80 years of combined experience in projects ranging from small legal surveys to large heavy construction surveying.        

Land Surveying Bemidji

Fast and accurate property marking

Whether you need to simply find your property corners or completely develop your property, we have the expertise and the connections to get your project done quickly, correctly, and within your budget.

Resources to save you time and money.

We offer the latest technology in data collection, drafting, and modeling. We have been involved with most of the large surveying projects in the area and have a lot of the critical data close at hand. This ensures that you get the best service for the best possible price.

Land Surveying and Mapping in Minnesota

Experience on a large scale.

Recently we were approached by Enbridge to complete one of the largest surveying projects in Minnesota since the original Government Land Office survey. This project necessitated the ability to conduct large field operations, expert project management, and professional logistics control. Due to the time-sensitivity of the project, we had to work on an accelerated schedule and constantly adjust to the changing needs of the project

A record of local service.

Locally we have taken on numerous land division and development projects in order to create new subdivisions. These projects have led to the development of new neighborhoods, multi-unit housing developments, and many of Bemidji’s newest businesses.