Northwestern Surveying and Engineering, Inc. conducts 4 way sweep (Blind Sweep) an investigative survey in where electronic pipe locators are used to find, trace and map underground features and also locates above ground utilities for damage prevention, safety and new route planning. Our personal have over of five years no strike safety record which is becoming greater demand by our clients.

Our crews go into all types of environments from Highway Right of Way to pipeline mainline – pumping stations – electrical sub stations using two different types of locating equipment, gps survey equipment and our laser scanners. With the final deliverable being a map showing the underground utilities as well as the above ground and existing structures to assist the client.

Equipment used in this process undergoes yearly calibration and certification from the factory or authorized repair company. Our crews are fully qualified and trained with certifications from Sait Polytechnic – Calgary Alberta Canada. This is generally not required by our clients but is done for safety and accuracy.

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We are licensed in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa as Land Surveyors and Engineers.